Magnet Creations

Roles: Creative Manager, Content Strategist, Script Writer 

To conceptualize, formulate and design a series of 'edutainment' books for kids with enactable storylines.

The imaginative wonderland which is ever-present in the child's mind.


1. Briefing

2. Ideation

3. Concept Creation

4. Graphic Style

5. Content Planning

6. Character Development

7. Copywriting

1. Concept Presentation

2. Script Presentation

3. Graphic Style & Tone
    of Voice Exposition

1. Story Selection
2. Script Refining

3. Copy Changes

4. Client Approval

1. Execution

2. Artworks

3. Publishing


Govind Knowledge Ventures Pvt. Ltd. expanded its brand umbrella with the launch of Magnet Creations.
Magnet Creations is a publication house dedicated to creating innovative 'edutainment' based content.

'The Adventures of Sunny' is a series of edutainment books that narrate the enchanting adventures of
the protagonist Sunny, a young boy who travels the world to learn about exotic places and unique cultures, 
while making new friends. These books were designed for children of age group 7 years - 9 years.

The scripts were meticulously created to be interesting and simple enough to be enacted as a fun, short play by the kids. The stories were based on exquisite and interesting locations and ecosystems found around the planet. Each story was laced with interesting trivia which was unique, interesting and likable.

The books had to facilitate learning yet be fascinating for the kids to enjoy. Thus, humor which is as quirky as the kids themselves outlined the stories making them highly shareable and entertaining. This approach helped the books accomplish the task of being educative and entertaining for the kids at the same time.

Today's kids are highly exposed to a lot of visual graphics available globally via comics and movies. Thus, the visual elements in the books had to not only be appealing and stimulating to the young minds but also had to be at par with the global benchmarks. Each of the characters in the books were illustrated as per its inherent behavior and characteristics. Even their names were specifically created to not only connote their individuality but also spark the imagination of its mischievous readers.

All the books had a layout that was structured in a manner to keep the books concise while providing maximum visual stimuli. The flow of the story, character design, and graphic elements were designed in a manner that not only looked good in printed books but also seamlessly adapted themselves into interactive digital storybooks.

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